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Muskun Associate Program: 1000 Freelance Employment Opportunities For Pakistanis

Muskun Associate Program: 1000 Freelance Employment Opportunities For Pakistanis

Over the past few years, Pakistan’s real estate industry has been marred with stunted growth, some box office scandals, and reduced investor influx owing to the new tax reforms implemented by the current government. However, the construction sector still continues to be the second biggest sector, with 35% of the country’s employment directly or indirectly linked with it.

Therefore, keeping in view the current economic crisis, mass unemployment, and the incredible set of provisions announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan to resurrect the construction industry, Muskun Investments has launched a unique platform where you can kick start your real estate career today!

Muskun Investments has announced over 1000 freelance employment opportunities through their Muskun Associate Program, hoping to inject fresh blood into the real estate industry and play their part in kick starting the sector. To become a Muskun Associate, all you need is a mobile phone and a few hours to spare on a regular basis.

This is a purely commission based opportunity for individuals looking to step into the real estate sector but have no idea what the first step is. Freelancers, students, expats, and even those in the corporate sector looking for a lucrative side hustle can all earn a sizable income if selected through the company’s onboarding process. The Associates will have access to comprehensive trainings by MuskunInvestments’ team of experts, and the opportunity to earn over PKR 100,000 a month through commissions.

Haseeb Ahmed Khawaja, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Muskun Investments, commented on the announcement, “Pakistan faces a chronicle issue of misallocation of wealth, owing to a lack of financial literacy, coupled with a general lack of understanding and knowledge of when and where to invest one’s hard earned money. Our Associate program will not only create employment opportunities as we find our way through these difficult times, but break the myths that you need to be a multi-millionaire to invest in real estate. The idea is to introduce a fresh wave of investors, which will help reduce the demand-supply gap, and provide a much needed boost to the economy, creating sizable employment opportunities at the same time.”

The program is expected to have a domino effect throughout the industry. Under the supervision of Muskun Investment’s qualified team of consultants, the team of associates will help increase the
investor influx, which will in turn have a proportional effect on other players of the construction industry, resulting in swift completion of the available projects, and subsequent high returns on investments.

Khan Akhter Rumman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office at Muskun Investments, further remarked, “The current pandemic and lockdown have crippled our economy resulting in deteriorating financial standing of the common Pakistani, the Muskun Associate program is an opportunity for every Pakistani to provide a boost to their income while formalizing the real estate sector. Bolstering the Muskun Associate initiative is the Prime Minister's ‘Constriction Industry Relief’ announcement, which will help in the exponential growth of this sector.”

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